Thunder News · The Red Bandana: Lux et Virtus

“Lux et Virtus is, our united mission, Light and Excellence, we have such a vision.”  – excerpt from our Thunder Lax Creed

This past Friday, we had an awesome opportunity to honor our 9/11 heroes and first responders with our annual 9/11 Patriot Run.  Prior to our run, we watched the remarkable story of Welles Crowther and the red bandana.  We each got a red bandana and tied it to our arm, leg, or stick in honor of Welles Crowther and sought to honor his memory with this run.

Each year, we do this run in hopes to help others remember how we once were as a country:  United.  One.  We hope to help others to NEVER FORGET that feeling and to bring about a greater unity in our community.  To be joined by the fine men and women in the Saratoga Springs Police Department and the Saratoga Springs Fire & Rescue Department was an incredible treat.

Saratoga Springs Police Chief Barton with one of his sons lacrosse sticks prior to the run

At Westlake, our school mission is Lux et Virtus, or Light & Excellence.  This last Friday, accompanied by members of the girls lacrosse team and the girls lacrosse coaches as well as many of the youth in our feeder program, we set out to be a light to others on a very dark day in history and at a time in our nation’s history where we need more goodness, more light.  We are grateful to all who honked, waved, took pictures, cheered and watched.  We will NEVER FORGET these runs and the impact for good they have on us and, we hope, our communities as well.