Thunder News · Westlake Activities and Athletics Cancellation: UHSAA Update thru May 1

Dear Parents, Student/Athletes, Performers and Patrons:

At this time Westlake High School is currently closed due to the Corona-virus. With this statewide closure the UHSAA has suspended all scheduled activities and athletic contests thru May 1st. The UHSAA has also declared this time to be treated as a Moratorium. While in a Moratorium all groups and teams (in-season and out of season) can not have practice, workouts, meetings, banquets, try-outs, athletic contests etc…  During a moratorium student/athletes cannot be on or use school facilities.  As we receive additional and updated information we will pass it on to all our patrons as quickly as possible.

We wish the best for each of you and that you are all blessed with health and strength. This closure and moratorium has our parents, student/athletes and patrons health being of the utmost importance. We thank all of you for your continued support for Westlake and thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

Again, thank and Go Thunder!!!