Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Lacrosse · EACH ONE, LIFT ONE

At Westlake High School, you may have heard of “The Westlake Way.”  The Westlake Way is something all athletic teams are promoting and it states the following:

  • Relentless Effort
  • Competitive Excellence
  • Power of Team
  • Enthusiasm
  • Character

As the newest sanctioned sport at Westlake, we immediately bought into this and seek ways to promote it whenever possible.  We also have a set of character attributes we abide by and we refer to them as our THUNDER values.  To bring the THUNDER each day, we commit to each of the following values:

  • Tenacity
  • Honor
  • Unity
  • Nice
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Respect

We will always look for ways to promote “The Westlake Way” and our THUNDER values.  With so much suffering going on in the world today and especially within our own community (whom we love), we chose to stand along Redwood Rd. today just outside the fields at Lake Mountain Middle School prior to practice to promote more love, kindness, and respect.  The phrase that resonates with us right now is:  EACH ONE, LIFT ONE.  As you go about your day, seek ways to build others up and validate them.  Sit with others in their trial and just be.  When others are struggling, be there for them.  As a lacrosse team, we are committed to that and we want others to join in our effort to be one who lifts one.  As we collectively commit to doing this, we alleviate the burdens of those around us who are suffering in a myriad of ways.  Together, we are unstoppable.  Together, we will heal.

We thank all who drove by and honked.  Who slowed down a little bit to read our message.  Who sent e-mails expressing their gratitude or how seeing us made a positive impact on their day or even inspired them in some way.  We love you, Westlake community.  We are Westlake.  We are strong.  We are one.