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Multiple Teams · High School Wrestling Info

If you have any questions about the below info, feel free to email me at or text me at 801.471.6525
Tryout Information
All students who are planning on trying out for any Athletic Team must be cleared prior to any try out practices.  Go to for specific information. This includes:
1.  Registering on  Fill out all the information!
2. Getting and uploading your physical to registermyathlete.

3. Turn in a copy of your 1st Quarter Report Card to Coach O’connor prior to November 1st.

To be eligible to wrestle: 1st quarter report card must have a 2.0 minimum GPA and not more than 1 F.  I’s and NC’s are considered F’s until made up. You can not make up a posted F to become eligible once the report card is posted. You can not change a grade to increase the GPA requirement once the report card is posted.  Only NC’s and I’s can be changed for eligibility purposes.
Tryout Week
Tryouts are Nov 6th-10th.  Mandatory practices are from 2:45-5pm.  Every day.
The coaching staff doesn’t “cut” anyone at tryouts like other sports.  We are an all inclusive program. As long as wrestlers keep coming to practice and adhere to the wrestling contract, they will be a part of the team.
After tryout week, practice will remain every school day from 2:45-5:00pm.
We have already closed the window for our uniforms and other apparel.  If you were unable to order, we will open up another window the first week of Practice Nov 6th.
Early Morning workouts
Workouts continue every school day at about 6:30am. Lifting and Wrestling.
Fall Practices
We’ve been having awesome attendance at our fall practices.  They are every Tuesday & Thursday at 3:00-4:15pm for 9th-12th.
We’ve finalized the schedule.  It’s complete…I think.  Some events are for only Varsity, Some are for JV and below (2nd man, 3rd man, 4th man, etc).  In general, duals are attended by everyone on the team and it’s expected that everyone will get a match.  For tournaments, the coaching staff will let each wrestler know if and where he will be going.  Things can change quickly due to injury and other situations.  Here is the schedule: 2017 -2018 Westlake Wrestling Schedule
Wrestling Contract
The wrestling contract is something that I have created to help wrestlers and parents understand the expectations and responsibilities required for wrestling at Westlake.  It has tons of info. I expect all wrestlers and parents to read it and sign it. Here is the contract: 2017-2018 Wrestling Contract
Fall League
Fall league is every Saturday at UVU.  It’s put on by USA Wrestling. It involves a morning clinic followed by a mini tournament of 3 matches.  It’s a great opportunity to get better!  USA Wrestling Card is required for these events.  Click here to register and for more info:
Thunder Creed:
The coaching staff has created a Creed that our team recites at every practice. It is expected that every wrestler will memorize it before their first match. Below is the Creed!
I truly believe there is no other wrestling program in the state that provides more opportunities for your wrestler to improve then at Westlake!  We have a great coaching staff that wants your wrestler to succeed at home, in the classroom and on the mat.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Coach Burdett

Thunder Creed